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How I help

What’s the issue?

You don’t need to have been a Geography teacher for 27 years to know all about our rising health crisis, but it certainly helps. As we celebrate huge progress in dealing with infectious diseases in the lower income countries, there has been a steady rise in non-communicable ‘lifestyle’ diseases in our own back yard and in other affluent countries. The way in which our food is grown, harvested, produced and sold has changed dramatically and whilst we all love convenience, it comes at a price – our health.

We are what we eat and often what we eat is not good enough; some of it is our fault, but a lot of it isn’t. I am well placed to understand why our food isn’t what it used to be and how our busy lives make it harder and harder to make the right choices. There is also the increasing need to combat stress and environmental health issues. There is a steady, cumulative effect which people are often unaware of until they hit an actual ‘problem’.

You need to look after your car to keep it running properly and we need to do this with our health too.

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Let’s talk

To get the best results, we need to have a conversation. I will listen and get to know your concerns and we’ll talk about the best way to address them. Flexibility and balance are at the heart of my approach. I will only set realistic goals and together we will help you work towards them.

With Isagenix nutrition at the centre, I will support you to achieve the changes in your health and lifestyle that you want to see. Together we will maintain it for the longer term goal. You remain in control the whole time, I will make suggestions and together we’ll discuss the balance needed to achieve your goals.

I will support you to achieve your goals.

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