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Keeping on track on holiday - 4

By Emma West
Friday, July 13, 2018


You don’t have to go exercise crazy when you’re on holiday. You’re there to relax and enjoy yourself. But hours spent on the sun lounger won’t burn too many calories, plus you’re almost certainly adding extra than normal with your food and drink.

Holidays can actually provide some great opportunities to have fun and get a bit of a workout at the same time. Work off some calories every day with a swim in the pool – why not start with a certain number of lengths (more than 2!) and try and build up each day?  Or the resistance of the waves in the sea can add extra value to a swim there.  Why not take out a paddle board or try surfing or windsurfing – combine the fun of trying something new with some calorie burning movement.

Go for walks along the beach, you can ‘people watch’ as you go and you will take in more experiences.  See the local sights on foot rather than in a car or bus; you’ll also find rewarding unexpected corners and scenes. Climb up to a viewpoint or take in the vista from a church tower – you’ll enjoy it even more, knowing you’ve burned some calories to get there.  

Check whether your accommodation has a gym. If it does, bring some trainers. You never know when you might get the urge for a workout and the gym will probably have air con to stop you over-heating. By all means run along the beach on holiday if the mood takes you, but bear in mind it gets harder the later you rise – so probably not for you if you’re a night owl. 'Puffing and puce' along the shoreline is not a good look, and it’s also very easy to overheat and feel faint.

Don’t forget the benefits of lower impact activities like yoga and pilates. These are not only hugely relaxing and calming, they are also fantastic for stretching out tired muscles from hours spent hunched at your computer or huddled on the tube. They also provide a deceptive level of workout too – you might not get out of breath, but you will certainly work – great for core strength and posture.

So - just like home, there are lots of options. Pick a couple that you like to up that metabolism just a bit ,and have fun at the same time. Why not do something active as a family or friends group too?

Tomorrow - some final thoughts before you depart for your break.

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