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Keeping on track on holiday -2

By Emma West
Wednesday, July 11, 2018


When you’re on holiday, it’s easy to get carried away with eating. You could be dining in restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There might be buffets and all-inclusive ice cream. Don’t let all that lovely holiday food ruin everything you’ve worked for.

The best way to avoid eating too much is to plan your day. You know how much is too much. If you’re going to have a long lunch, make sure you have a light dinner. If you’re eating out at the buffet in the evening, have something small at lunchtime. Breakfast is as important on holiday as it is at home. You really don’t need to go for the fry up every morning, but do bear in mind that continental breakfast can be just as full of calories and fat.

Try and eat a healthy breakfast, just like you do at home. Why not take on some eggs if someone is cooking them for you? - enjoy some of the things you know are good for you, but you don't have time to eat and prepare before the school run.

I also love it when someone else has cut up lots of different fruit - take advantage of that.

When you visit the buffet, why not take a side plate and fill that up, rather than a big dinner plate. It’s an effective way to make sure you’re not taking too much. Think about the proportions on your plate – ease off on the carbs, add more protein and yes- put some green stuff on too.

Next up - alcohol!

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