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Keeping on track on holiday -3

By Emma West
Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cheers - today is about drinking! 

You’re on holiday. It’s ok to have a few drinks!

However, if you overdo it, it’s a sure-fire way to undo all your excellent health and work. Plus, you’ll feel terrible the next day.

Measures. Remember that in many bars overseas, the size of spirits measures is at the discretion of the person pouring it. Why not ask for a small measure?

Also, watch out for high-calorie happy-hour cocktails. That mojito might look and taste delicious, but it’s packed with sugary calories. Creamy cocktails are the absolute worst for calories, so try and resist those

Wines are a popular choice, and if you have the fizzy varieties like cava or prosecco, the alcohol and calorie content is lower. I often have a spritzer with soda to make my drink last longer too. I’m not an expert on the beers, but some local ones can be very strong and of course there’s lots of volume.

Spirits – after a festive night and a lovely dinner it’s very tempting to finish off with a shot of something, especially when they’re on the house which is quite common. And why not indeed - it's a holiday? Limoncello has certainly been my undoing in the past. Maybe just the one though.

Soft drinks may not be alcoholic, but they are certainly not calorie free, especially if they come in a can or bottle. I love ice cold, fizzy fruit drinks, but just because they’re fruity they can have just as many, if not more, calories than Coke and of course it’s all refined sugar, which will sit on your waistline. The pros and cons of alternative ‘diet’ drink options are not for this article, although they are certainly a low calorie option.

Boring but important Of course, the most important drink when you’re on holiday is water. Make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you’re sunbathing all day. Have a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink – it will mean you consume less alcohol and reduce the hangover for the morning.

Finally,  people often think they’re hungry when they’re actually thirsty. Have a bottle of water with you at all times. Sipping regularly will mean you consume fewer calories from both food and alcohol and feel better in the heat. Win, win!

Tomorrow – exercise…

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