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Size Matters

By Emma West
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Times reports today on the issue of increased portion size. The amount we eat has steadily crept up and with it, the associated health risks. Type 2 diabetes is one. Cancer Research is also currently running a campaign making us more aware of the fact that, after smoking, obesity is the largest cause of cancer. They're right, and consuming too many calories is certainly a huge health risk. It's very easy to polish off a big burger and fries on a night out and munch a cheesy pizza in front of the telly. And the calories in our 'on the go' snacks are often scary if you stop to read the labels.

I found it hugely ironic that the main advertiser during the Winter Olympics was consistently telling us to consume their enormous offer. That's not how those competitors made it to the Olympics. So - I think reducing portion size is a big step in the right direction, but it misses the point that we also need to mindful of what we are putting on our plates. Fewer chips, smaller burgers and less cake will certainly reduce calories, but those calories are still largely empty of the nourishment our bodies really need and crave.

It's not just about calories.

The bigger issue is to help people understand that even if they eat less they will still not be heading enough in the right direction to have the health and zest for life they are aiming for. It's certainly not always easy knowing if we are eating the right balance of protein, carbs, fats and fibre, never mind getting the full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There are lots of ways to achieve this and I am passionate about helping people make the changes they need.

So yes, size matters and I'm delighted that this issue is being discussed, but less is not necessarily more, without thinking seriously about WHAT we are eating too.

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